Smiling despite not being able to see (metaphor?)

My 23rd year was probably the best one yet. Goals that I planned for many years prior finally came to fruition. I spent the first six months of my 23rd year enjoying my last few moments in Melbourne. And the past six months of 2021 were spent moving onward and into the unknown (cue Frozen 2’s Into The Unknown).

In trying to synthesise my reflections on the past year, 4 key points stand out to me as I enter my 24th year.

If you, like me, watched Ms Hidilyn Diaz lift up a record-breaking 127kg barbell just yesterday, then you probably found yourself filled with pure euphoria. Pride overwhelmed me. And I, in all honesty, couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the sight of Ms Hidilyn herself be filled with so much joy over her accomplishment. Commentary surrounding her achievement touched on the idea that she carried the whole weight of the Philippines at the very moment. In mere seconds, she brought awe and pride to a country that faced a 97-year gold medal drought.

(Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Bated breath. On the edge…

Life is a lot like baking.

Photo by Life Of Pix from Pexels

I often reflect on this thought whenever I find myself inspired to bake. I love how repetitive and cathartic it can be. It’s one of my favourite ways to destress. However, on some days it can get completely messy and can consume my day. In all honesty, following the recipe to a T can still result in something inedible. There are times when I fiddle with recipes I’ve familiarised myself with for years and fail miserably. Sometimes I think I’ve got things figured out. I’ve read through the recipe for the umpteenth time. …

What does it mean to be a development worker?

If you read this blog with the hope to have this question answered, I am sorry to say that I do not know the answer. Nor am I close to understanding the full meaning of this query. This was the reason for the inaugural episode of my podcast, Up In The Air.

It will be a lifelong pursuit of discovering this puzzle, as it is for any profession one may have.

When I started work, I was hopeful, idealistic and wore rose-coloured lenses. Two months on, I am still hopeful. Less…

First ever photo by the Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne

I have now lived in 3 countries. My family moved into different condominiums 6 times in Singapore over the span of our 8-year stay.

I lived for 5 years in a rented apartment in the heart of Melbourne during my time in University. But prior to that, I resided in a student hostel and then a family friend’s place. And when I moved out of my apartment, my family, friends and titos and titas took me in like one of their own. …

Julienne Celina

23-year old reader, storyteller, adventurer, dreamer and aspiring saint.

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